i’m meeeeeeeelting

August 7, 2006


the wicked witch of the west ain’t got nothing on me.

her kryptonite (yeah i’m mixing movies) was water, mine’s heat. like that so-muggy-you-need-a-shower-2 minutes-after-getting-out-of-one heat. yuck. hard to have fun when most of your makeup has melted off your face, in fact leaving it as shiny as a new penny, your shorts are sticking to the insides of your thighs (oh the chafing…), and mosquitoes are greedily hovering over your sweat-soaked body. obviously, i don’t “glow” like other women. i sweat, dammit.

don’t get me wrong, i LOVE summertime. winter is hell. but this heat wave is rEdiculous. and yes, i do know how to spell, using an E means it’s ridiculous beyond ridiculous.

so ridiculous that when we went out last saturday night, the clubs were overflowing with men sporting huge, dark circles under their arms and women with damp backs. sexy stuff. and yet, everyone, including myself, was grinding with the usual desperate intensity.

sweating through days like these always makes me marvel over the countries where it’s really hot. for example, india or the middle east. in india, women wear six yards of fabric (saris) wrapped around them while running errands in the humid streets. even worse, many middle eastern women entomb themselves from head to foot in burqas, which of all colors has to be black. can we say heatstroke?

personally, i think africans or the natives of north and south america had the smart idea–loincloths, etc. it’s practical. screw modesty.


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