100 things to do before i die

August 11, 2006

1) do something crazy and out of the ordinary for me

2) find/build a house with lots of interesting rooms, nooks and crannies, possibly a hidden passageway

3) change someone’s life, have a big impact on them

4) do something, leave something for humanity

5) be so happy that even worries don’t take away from it

6) live alone for a while, own apartment, etc

7) go far, be successful in job

8) do something rEdiculous

9) fall in love-it sucked though

10) stay in love, find that lasting love

11) have someone say i’m beautiful-yeah, but it only matters from certain people

12) have sex

13) get married

14) have kids? or at least adopt

15) be recognized

16) scuba dive

17) see the pyramids

18) have an adventure/drama and live to tell the story

19) go to greece and italy

20) win weight battle

21) not be shallow

22) leap when i’m supposed to

23) be well-off

24) live in a big city

25) meet someone famous and see if the public persona matches the real person

26) have one true and completely unadulterated feeling

27) stop overthinking

28) be funnysometimes

29) have good comebacks

30) write a book

31) find out how magic tricks work

32) go on a road tripwent to DC. want a more memorable trip though, with my best friends and no responsibilities

33) be poised

34) have friends for life

35) triumph over some some sort of challenge

36) have a cartharsis

37) stay on a deserted island

38) be a glass-half-full person

39) sing and dance in the rain

40) be calm in the presence of chaosyeah, once, during a banana boat fiasco. when everyone flew overboard, i managed to think about grabbing the 3 year old.

41) for once, feel a part of something

42) climb a mountain and yell “I’m on top of the world”

43) sky dive

44) make it into law school

45) find someone i am completely unselfconcious with

46) win an important argument

47) not care what others think

48) become a sophisticated, knowledgeable person

49) think about something that means something

50) stop thinking about things that don’t matter

51) be completely awake for one time in my life

52) learn a new language

53) blow something up, in a nice way. like fireworks.

54) visit the Taj Mahalit’s more beautiful than the pictures

55) own a horse

56) visit kashmir

57) see something others do not

58) be assertive

59) have self-control

60) understand people

61) sleep under the stars

62) see a tornado live

63) go to the oscars

64) watch the sun set and rise

65) drive past 90 mph115 mph, baby

66) have a food fight

67) have a snowball fight

68) new year’s eve in time’s square

69) do something risqué

70) cook somethingwell, yes, but badly

71) see the aurora borealis

72) see hawaii

73) be truly scaredgot sick enough to think i was going to die once

74) tell someone i love themrelates back to the falling in love, again, awful

75) fly first class

76) do the splits

77) have a fortune cookie that comes true

78) think outside the box

79) be respected

80) visit the rainforest

81) go to an amazingly fancy restaurant

82) learn some sort of martial art

83) be an extra in a movie

84) find a buried treasure

85) be ready and accepting of death

86) at some point, be at complete peace

87) be an eccentric old lady

88) shoot a gunits rather empowering. i want to do paintball now

89) feel pure

90) get lostthis might be my permanent state actually

91) be cool

92) learn an indian dance

93) do something against the lawi’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours 🙂

94) go without technology for a month

95) start a conversation with a stranger

96) drive around those vehicles in the airport

97) be important enough to have a VIP pass

98) be struck dumb with awe

99) experience the eye of a hurricane and live through it

100) have no regrets

any other recommendations? what are yours? better yet, what are the stories that go along with yours?


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