*POLL*-pet peeves

August 17, 2006

i was talking to a friend about things that bug us so much we want to claw out people’s eyes. so, to jazz things up, get some outside input, what’s are your pet peeves?

most neurotic pet peeve (but it has to be real, honor code!!) wins.

what do you win? well <drum roll> …how about the winner gets listed on my blogroll? it’s something. and if you don’t have a website, i’ll have to improvise. i could interview you over IM, dedicate a whole post to the amazing human that you are…

<sigh> someone just comment so that i feel like people are reading this thing. i’ll announce in two weeks or so. bet you can’t wait.



  1. I look at advertising as a general nuisance: It’s often blatant, stupid or mind-numbing. Spam, TV-ads, mailings, I really dislike it. But what bugs me most is people standing in the busiest street of my town, trying to hand out flyers to everyone, including those who are clearly trying to steer clear of them (that is: me)

    Once in a while I can become that much pissed off that I just want to shout at them and tell them that their obtrusive attempts to trick me into consuming their crap just wont work.
    I know that this isn’t precisely productive behaviour (especially since those guys are just trying to make a living as well), but sometimes I can’t help but mumble some words about how they fail to contribute to the common good. It’s kind of a catharsis, really, but my friends are sometimes quite embarrassed…

    BTW: I noticed that you failed to tell about your worst (or best?) pet peeve…

  2. hey, thanks for keeping my comments afloat here, lol. and yes, i hate ads too. in general, i hate anything that’s a waste of life and space. no one cares, give up, and stop lying about your product.

    i’m obviously in just a wonderful mood. but to answer your question, you’re right, i didn’t mention my own pet peeves. although, i did just post about how my brother annoys the hell out of me sometimes.

    on to my own–get ready, this is going to be long and painfully disorganized:

    i hate hypocrisy. how do such fake people live with themselves? i hate those condescending sorts of people who always think their life is so much more hectic/fun/crazy/funny/whatever and have to tell you about it. in fact, i hate people who always have to tell you every detail of their life, especially when it’s pointless. i honestly have to restrain myself sometimes when someone gets to the end of a ridiculously long tirade and there was NO FUCKING POINT. yes, i know i have a blog where i go on and on, but reading it is voluntary.

    i hate people who interrupt you when you’re talking because they never are really listening to you. i hate people who act sweet to your face and talk about you behind your back. why? it’s such a waste of energy. i don’t gush when i’m around people i dislike.

    i hate beautiful people who are ugly on the inside since, no matter what, someone always loves the beautiful. i hate the filthy rich like paris hilton who have everything and waste it. or those people who do “Cribs” on MTV, spending ridiculous amounts of money on cars they’ll never drive, or my special favorite, “grills”. what shit. what utterly pointless shit.

    i hate the bubbly way teenage girls talk nowadays, they all sound the same–dumb. i hate those retards who do girls gone wild. i hate those street losers who swagger around the city and leer at you, making you feel dirty. how could they even think about asking me for my number??! i will not give someone respect until they act like they deserve it themselves.

    hate dumb rules. i hate plaid. i hate when people’s pants are too short they show their socks. i hate those people working at CVS or Rite Aid or Kmart or ANYWHERE that takes FOREVER to check out your items. i’ve had jobs, whether they suck or not, you try to do your best. relating to those cashiers, i hate those long, claw-like acrylic nails in garish colors that tap-tap-tap on the register keys.

    i hate people who are completely clueless about themselves and whine about how they’re such a nice guy when in reality they’re as self-centered as a five-year-old. i know what i am; stop deluding yourselves.

    i hate it when people can’t spell ANYTHING. i hate how ignorant and close-minded people are. i hate needless violence and destruction. i hate religion and how it divides us. i hate bullshit. i hate valentines day. i hate people who are thin or pretty or whatever and know it but still pout and exclaim, “oh god, i look like a sausage”.

    i hate itchy clothes, layers, and neutral colors. i hate bugs that get trapped in the house and won’t hurry up and die and instead keep buzzing over your head miserably, making you worry if they’re going to die in the bowl of cereal you just made for yourself.

    i hate having to meet new family who you won’t ever keep in touch with or see again, and who ask you the same questions and to whom you ask the same questions in some parody of actually giving a damn. i hate getting up early and i hate how i feel when i get up late. i hate irony. i hate being patient. i hate people who are early. i hate people who are so good they make you feel bad. i hate santimonious assholes who preach at you all the time. they always know they’re right.

    <sigh> i hate being in a bad mood, and i hate the fact that there’s probably more stuff i hate.
    next time, i’ll do things i love, i promise.

  3. The ox and the sheep

    I just wanted to add one more thing to the recent rumblings about pet peeves: I dislike parties where the host did not think of including an vegetarian meal.

  4. It seems a lot of people out there hate stuff and blog about it.


  5. blogs are oftentimes about venting so i’d say that’s a given

  6. I hate a lot ofr things and my blog started out complaining about stuff, now I just try to make people smile or react to what I post….not always very successful. I like to laugh more than I like to hate.

    But you want my pet peeves so here you are.

    Politics and politicians

    Religions that believe their’s is the only one

    Reality TV,where backstabbing,coniving people rewarded

    Well that’s my top 3….come name my latest post

  7. I hate people. Er… wait. I’m sure there was supposed to be more to that. Maybe… I hate cell phones. I hate people who walk around (or drive around) on cell phones and do not pay attention to what they are doing. I hate the way our society is becoming so disconnected from each other. It breeds contempt for your fellow man. I hate the fact that the more you work, the less you are worth to a company. I hate the fact that there is so much wrong with the world today… and I hate it even more that I don’t feel like I’ll ever be able to do any good. We are so concerned about just *getting by* that we have no time to worry about the big things in life. They feed us reality television, lottery tickets, and pornography, and we eat it up. I hate the fact that the nightly news is owned by the government. I hate the Patriot Act.
    But that’s getting kind of deep there… so how about if I just say that I don’t like it when men wear sandals. First off, I don’t live anywhere near a beach, and secondly, you have ugly hairy feet.

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