my friends are useless

August 25, 2006

or i should clarify, most of them are useless.

it’s friday night and i can’t rely on my friends who are around to go out. my roommate doesn’t want to do anything. how can someone be tired when they haven’t done anything all day?! i went to work and ran errands and i’m not locked in my room watching probably the fourth movie of the day after STILL not unpacking.

then there’s one of my other girlfriends. she’s the one who says how much she misses us all but who can barely spare an hour to see us in a month.

and then of course most of my other friends work all the time. or study. or they’re guys and i can’t quite figure out if it’s me they want to hang out with or my ass. so…yeah. useless.

of course, all my friends are lovely people and i’m skewing this post towards the things i can’t stand because i’m lonely, it’s only 11 pm, and i need people around to be happy.

so i guess the question is, how do you make new friends when you can’t get your old ones to go out with you to facilitate meeting new people? i’m really having a hard time turning my resolutions into a workable reality.

this is why i dread living alone when i go to law school next year. many of my good friends now are people with whom i lived. what happens when i come home to no one?

repeat to myself: i will NOT become a bitter old maid who has three cats (whom she talks to), orders combo 32 from the chinese restaurant every other night, and watches <insert romantic, mushy slop movie> in her holey flannel robe on a friday night.

right now i’m watching a drama in my deliciously luxurious purple robe.

see, i’m fine.



  1. wow, i know what you mean.

  2. i’m well on my way, owning one cat..although I still have a boyfriend, the idiot has the decency to live in Sydney. For the record I’m in Scandinavia.

  3. wow, how’d you meet and is it working out? if so, props.

  4. We met in a club in Oslo – 6 months ago. He’s been the one ever since.

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