pet peeves results

September 13, 2006

well, i think i’ve hit the high point on replies regarding pet peeves, so here are the results!

drum roll please…

tangent: i was going to go with reality tv shows where backstapping, conniving people are rewarded (as commented by tom). i mean reality tv really is shit. it’s a complete waste of time, and you can actually feel your brain cells dying as you watch it. on the other hand, i love (some) of them.

before your opinion of me completely bottoms out, let me explain why: these people are so completely shallow and have so many issues over nothing that they honestly make me feel better. life could be worse–i could be one of them. haha. maybe that’s a horribly mean thing to say, but it keeps me cheerful, and when i’m cheerful, i’m nice to people. it all works out.

i know all of you are dying to know what i watch, right? project runway, america’s next top model, real world (sometimes), american idol or any of those talent shows, and, at the bottom of the barrel, those dating shows that run on mtv at night like “Next” or “Date My Mom”.

but the pet peeve that wins, just because it’s off the wall and something i’ve never thought about before, was by tacofish (now on my blogroll):

I don’t like it when men wear sandals. First off, I don’t live anywhere near a beach, and secondly, you have ugly hairy feet.

i wear sandals 24/7, even through the first few snows here as a sort of mutinous response to godawful ohio weather. i always thought boys should be allowed the right to wiggle one’s toes in freedom. apparently, though, manly toes disgust others 😛 i’ve found a particularly disgusting foot for your viewing pleasure.


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