*POLL*-what brightens your day

September 13, 2006

ok, this one is going to get a little corny, i know. i did promise something more upbeat though so tell me those things, big and little, that make your step a little bouncier. why does you day go from gray to gay? šŸ˜›

so bring on the rainbows and cute animals.

and, as before, i won’t tell you mind until you tell me yours. possible motivation? winner, again, is on my blogroll.



  1. Warm weather, flicking off my friends randomly on the highway haha, coming in late to work and leaving early, looking at the bikini girl who suntans on the roof across the street from my office, finishing songs, love, helping others, a good meal, introspective rock, connecting with people, friendly faces…and…

    cool happy thoughts blog posts


  2. The impression just crossed my mind: In addition to being literally day-brightening, my mood is always alleviated by the strange colour of the light, when the sun just breaks through the clouds after the rain. It somehow makes the world look like it were painted in watercolours.

  3. lol “cool happy thoughts blog posts” huh? apparently my usual drear isn’t impressing mickey :P.

    anyway, what brightens my day:
    fat babies. i love seeing those big, droopy cheeks and pudgy little feet. if i have babies, i hope they’re adorably squishy (this goes for puppies too).

    i love those crisp, sunny days when everyone’s out and enjoying life. i love speeding down the highway with feel-good music blasting and my moon roof open.

    i’m instantly more cheerful if i have a positive interaction with someone. it seems like such a small, insignificant thing, but a sweet cashier, a nice guy helping me unjam the copier before i go nuts on it, or even someone in class making an effort to talk to me when they see me around campus, that makes me happy.

    a really good meal. there’s nothing like being ready to gnaw off your own arm, but going out to eat and having the BEST meal ever.

    when my mom does her goofy dance around the kitchen. it’s weird, there’s no coordination involved, but i love her.

    sort of going along with that, goofy/unselfconscious people in general. i like wandering around campus and seeing the guy who rides a unicycle, or a random guy dancing in the middle of the student center. i like people who still have a little kid in them.

    in keeping with the…wonderful…weather the last few weeks, when it stops pouring JUST as i have to walk to class, and starts raining again when i’m safely under cover. šŸ™‚

    old married couples holding hands.

    wearing a new outfit. i’m weird about this, only on days that i look good will i dare to wear new clothes. sometimes i have a shirt for months without wearing it. good hair days are also cause for celebration. had one on saturday, which means i’m not due for another til next month .

    seeing a guy my age look at his girlfriend with a look of complete and utter adoration.

    sitting around in my big, fuzzy, purple robe and watching a really good movie.

    getting giggly-drunk with my close friends.

    going home and having my dog do her doggie-dance for me because she’s so excited she can’t control her butt-wiggling.

    that’s all i can think of for now. plus, i’m in class and i guess i should be listening to the professor.

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