positive thinking is not banned!

September 13, 2006

i received a comment yesterday which made me wonder about the kind of impression i’m making on all of you. Here’s an obviously happy man relating the story of how he and his wife met and how he’s “pretty much enjoying every single day with her”. and then he must have remembered who he was talking to and added:

I hope this much positive thinking doesn’t serve to make you depressed, I just get a little bit carried away when talking about this aspect of my life…

have i really given the impression that i derive enjoyment from brooding? i promise i don’t dress in all black and scoff at cute puppies. i love puppies. and babies. i’m not one of the brilliant and brilliantly depressed artistic variety; i’m just down sometimes and unsure why. i’m up too though! life is bittersweet. this blog may be skewed towards the angry and depressed since those are the times i feel it necessary to sit at my computer and complain, but i swear to you, the sweet will come eventually. i guess that when you’re content, you don’t question it. it’s the bad and the sad you want to rail against, ask why, or explain. there is no doubt though that i love life in its moments.

so please, for all of you upbeat, normal people out there who really see nothing to complain about in life, don’t feel obligated to apologize for your happiness. in fact, don’t let me bring your mood down.

from now on, i’ll make more of an effort to include the funny or sweet things that happen during the day. i don’t mean i’m going to put an artificial slant on everything to make this blog ooze bliss and cheer–that’s not me–but i will try to give a more real and balanced picture of myself and life in general.


One comment

  1. Being the all too sensitive offender, I might want to highlight that it wasn’t the fact that you had a record of sheer negativity, which led to my statements. It’s more like I just didn’t want to sound like those people who are always chattering around how fine their life is going, esp. since this is certainly not the case in all/em> areas of my life, but that’s a different story.

    Apart from that, I believe that everybody should be able to derive at least some enjoyment from brooding, because everything else would be an extraordinary example of shallowness. The times of one’s life which are full of joy and that’s that are extremely rare and you shouldn’t spend most of your time longing for these moments. So what’s wrong with actually accepting that there are times which are not so great and dealing with it? This doesn’t mean that you have to take everything with a grain of salt, but it’s certainly a realistic perspective on life.

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