i’m back–with a vengeance

December 28, 2006

as commented, i dropped off the face of the planet.

well i’m back. it’s almost the new year, and keeping this blog updated is going to be my resolution. hell i’ll even put it higher on the list than losing those last seven pounds (lost nine so far!). that’s when you know i’m down for business.

i could make excuses about how busy i am, but considering that my addiction to reality tv has had time to reach monstrous proportions, that would be a bald-faced lie. lying is not what this blog is about. why haven’t i kept up? because i’m a lazy, procrastinating perfectionist. in real-life terms, this translates into me not doing things for weeks on end, going into panic-mode when the deadline looms near, and working like a dog far past what i needed to do in the first place.

but that’s all boring.

what’s not is all the potential material i’ve gathered for the blog over the past few months. in fact, i’m going to try something a little different: i’m going to let YOU choose what i write about. some possible topics below, but never limit yourself.

  • my skydiving adventure
  • girl drama
  • boy drama
  • boy drama vs. girl drama
  • never-ending saga with my “first love”
  • the future (if i have one)
  • marriage (worth it? possible in today’s time?)
  • drinking and the day after
  • lies (white, black, and my favorite, gray)
  • sex (to have or not to have, that is the question)
  • arguments/discussions that have come to a standstill but dammit, i’m right!
  • “the principle of the thing” and scrabble
  • murphy’s law
  • bad karma and the goddamn little things in life
  • why life’s “bittersweet”

be nosy, ask me about anything.

back up plan when no one actually picks one of these is to moan and groan over the tragedy of my “first love” (great motivation for actually telling me something else to write about, right?). regardless, i’ll be back tomorrow or the day after, whenever i’m not exhausted from kicking 14-year-old butt in pictionary (visiting family, playing board games religiously with my younger cousins).

yes i promise.



  1. Okay, it is good to see you back. I sort of slowed dowm on my blog….
    Here are my picks:
    *never-ending saga with my “first love”
    *sex (to have or not to have, that is the question)
    *why life’s “bittersweet”

    There, girl, now blog away!

  2. Congrats on those pounds you lost! Keep it up. You should write about:
    Your skydiving adventure (sounds fun)
    Bad Karma
    The future
    Why life’s bitter sweet.

  3. haha, i will take your advice. it’s so nice to actually have someone READING my blog again. i stopped writing because i felt like i wasn’t getting any reactions.

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