why we (or i?) love reality tv

January 7, 2007

i like to view myself as a fairly intelligent person, pompously “above” some forms of entertainment (ie. Borat, Dumb and Dumber). Meanwhile, my addiction to reality tv has reached dangerous levels.

some aren’t so bad (project runway). others straddle the middle (america’s next top model). and finally, there are the rEdiculous amount of brain cells i’m murdering over the absolute crap on mtv. i hate mtv. i really, really, really loathe it. i loathe it so much that i’m averaging three hours every day this week of shit’s shit like parental control, the real world, next, exposed, sweet sixteen and whatever other junk they think up (and i eat up).

so why submit myself to watching very UNREAL reality tv? these are shows with the corniest lines imaginable, with guys and girls pretending they know about love and date for personality. these are shows with heiresses whose biggest problem in life is that they flew allllll the way to paris and STILL couldn’t find a dress. these are shows where PARENTS act in ways i cannot even fathom (ie, choosing a girl for their son based on her ass-jiggle performance). these shows make me want to weep for america’s future.

but while i’m weeping for america, i’m smiling for me. do you know what a self-esteem boost it is to see the girls on real world-denver declare a mere 48 hours into the season that their friendship is worth more than any guy, that they’re going to be at each other’s weddings after one sleeps with the guy the other is crushing on? that drama, that obvious hypocrisy, makes me want to jump for joy that i am who i am. my life’s not this pathetic, I’M not this pathetic. i do have goals in my life. i am intelligent. i do work hard. i do have qualities to respect.

it bothers me that i can only find self-worth by witnessing the shallowness of others. it’s as if i watch these shows to tell myself you’re doing ok. i wonder if other people need this type of reassurance <sigh>.



  1. that’s why everyone watches reality t.v. – to feel just a little bit better about being human. so we can say “wow, i’m alot more normal than they are” or “can they be that vapid?” (beauty and the geek) i think this is why tabloids exploiting celebrities do so well – to bring them down to our level so we don’t feel as bad about putting them on their million dollar pedestals. it proves to our twisted minds that they are human, and we are in control of their prosperity.

  2. i definitely agree with most of what you said. these people in TV, they know how to hook us. the thing is, i at least get angry about these millionaires who are shown to be ridiculous. i DON’T feel like we’re in control of their prosperity. i’m angry that such undeserving people have so much and share so little.

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