split personality

April 11, 2007

life must have been a lot simpler before the internet. now you can talk to anyone wherever you are, whatever the time, you can stalk away messages and myspace profiles, surreptitiously scan the facebook feed, look at photos of someone you haven’t seen for so long that their face would blur if you didn’t keep reminding yourself…

it’s being able to talk to anyone whenever you want to, whatever you look like at the time, sitting in bed with the laptop propped on your lap. and at the same time, it’s agonizing over the desire to talk to the one person you really want to message.

but on the plus side, there are things i want AND can have! for example, forget snow and bone-chilling wind and dreariness that gets into you and doesn’t leave for nine months. it’s palm trees, baby! i’m going to university of miami law in the fall and i can’t wait!! i visited; it’s like a resort. it’s unreal. and i’m going to be a part of it. i already signed a lease on a condo. i feel utterly grown up (let’s forget the teensy fact that my parents are paying for it all…). i can’t wait for it. new place to start over, plus i’ll be doing something useful, something for my future career. i actually am excited to work hard, corny as that sounds. i want to prove myself. i think i do have it in myself to be a hard-working contributing member of society who might eventually be able to focus on something other than herself and the negatives of the world. i do.

welcome to my split-personality. it’s how i function every day 🙂


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