things i love–public version

October 8, 2010

My previous few posts are swallowing me in their bleakness. Yes, things are bad right now, but we always seem to take for granted the good things in our lives. So here are a few things I love: (photos were removed for privacy concerns)

My baby puppy, sleeping next to me like a hairy little person
My kitten. Fuzzy baby.
The view from my apartment. My breath still catches every morning when I look out the window.
My Ex. It’s not very helpful to me, but I do love him. We shouldn’t de-value love, even if it didn’t work out, right?

I also love my parents and the rest of my family, but I can’t put pictures of them up here without putting one of myself. I love my friends, especially one particular one I’ve known since 4th grade. It’s probably pretty risky to put my Ex on here, but I’ll leave him up for a few days at least. I’m crying, actually, as I look at him in that picture. If that’s not bittersweet, I don’t know what is. And I know there are many, many other things I love. I need to look at these pictures, think of these people, and maybe they’ll serve as a compass out of this sadness and shame. I’ve always thought that love should make you want to be a better person. It’s not too late for that, I’m only 25. I can be better, and especially with my family loving me and caring about me, and my animals relying on me, I must become better than this.


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