about me

the codename

why the fake name? i want to be as honest as possible, which means i need to stay anonymous. i have never given out the name of my blog to anyone i know, and never will. it’s doubtful that after reading the brutally honest truth about me, i would retain very much love/respect from the people i know. i don’t think you ever want to know this much about any person you are close to, even though (i hope) everyone has their dark secrets.

age: getting older by the day

gender: f

occupation: attorney. unfortunately.

answers to faq’s: in response to a few people’s emails and comments, i am a beginner blogger. i was an english major so i’m a decent writer, but no, i don’t actually have anything published. i write fragments, not whole stories or essays in my free time so i doubt anything is polished or complete enough to actually get me anywhere. finally, i’ve noticed my personality includes an inability to commit to anything steadily–lack of discipline I’ve always thought. this explains the long silences on this blog followed by sudden bursts of blog-vomiting. i am annoyed with myself because i actually had a good readership with interesting and interested people! try, try again i guess.

interests: reading, writing, eating(!!), drinking, dancing(!), talking, movies(!), music, boys(!!!), theater, people watching and psychoanalyzing, overanalyzing(!!), randomosity, my dog(!!!), my kitten(!!), partying(!), clothing, shoes(!!!), funky big earrings (yes i know it’s shallow but i can’t help it). if you were paying attention, you would know that boys, shoes, and animals rated highest in my interests. haha.

fav movies: a few good men, top gun, requiem for a dream, boondock saints, crash, braveheart, the patriot, gladiator, an officer and a gentlemen, wedding crashers, independence day, fear and loathing in las vegas, jurassic park, save the last dance, southpark the movie, team america, pirates of the caribbean, fame, schindler’s list, varsity blues, lethal weapon (all), die hard (all), cutting edge, mean girls, when harry met sally…

fav books: a few that i can think of since they’re sitting in my room, in no particular order: tim o’brien (especially the things they carried and lake of the woods), dostoevsky & tolstoy (oh the russians!), leon uris, michael crighton, wilbur smith, agatha christie (and then there were none, also very interesting are the books she wrote under mary westmacott), dean koontz (watchers), 1984, brave new world, the picture of dorian gray, the crucible, wuthering heights, princess, three musketeers and count of monte cristo, anything by isaac asimov, if i should die before i wake, i have lived a thousand years, jane eyre, catch 22, the giver…

fav music: honestly, i listen to everything. except possibly country, although i really haven’t explored further than the annoyingly twangy. pop/rock for when i’m feeling good, classical for when i’m reading or doing work, hip-hop when i go out, indie and punk most of the rest of the time. i’m flexible. in general, i just love music and how it makes me feel.



  1. Hey. I’m not sure how I found your blog. Maybe it was when I was searching for examples of blogs to help me start my own. You are a good writer and I just wanted to say thanks because after reading one of your entries I was inspired to get my own blog page. Keep it up..


  2. thanks for that! comments like that make ME want to keep writing. i’ll definitely check yours out too.

  3. hi really u r a wonderful writer. ur blogs r really interesting cheers and keep it up

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