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raquet fever

March 21, 2007

as i keep getting sick, i’ve missed way too many classes. today i made my temperature-wracked body go to class regardless. i was light-headed and basically sweating through my clothes. i mean it. soaked through.

quite attractive, let me tell you. in fact, if you can believe it, after practically hacking a lung out over some poor homeless person while i was walking, and of course sweating like a pig, some dude still had the nerve (and desire?!) to follow me for a block. <sigh> you men, i don’t get it.

but no, this was all actually rather amusing as it happened. maybe all that light-headedness.

today was also the first day of raquetball, part of my necessary gym requirement. yeah i’m the only girl amongst 24 guys.

so, picture a five-foot-nothing girl, sweating her face off (possibly stinking?), wearing ridiculous looking raquetball goggles, trying to dodge this crazy little ball that apparently bounces off every wall in a room. picture her also valiantly attempting to throw herself out of the way of three big, muscular man-boys in the same court whipping racquets around like they were trying to behead someone (me). i’m going to be wounded one day, i know it. had i known what raquetball was, i never would have signed up. damn ball is everywhere. argh.

luckily, i was allowed to switch to singles. i think the guy in charge of the class had pity on me. some other boy (who had been quietly smiling on the sidelines while i tried to avoid being hit by racquets and rogue balls) also had pity and played with me for the rest of the period. and didn’t laugh too much.

somehow, i don’t think i’ll be much better even without a temperature. but maybe i won’t sweat so much. that’s a plus.