“‘Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony, this life”
Bittersweet Symphony, The Verve

Life in general from a young woman’s point of view punctuated with discussions about anything from philosophy to the eternal clashing of men and women. But, this is NOT just a personal diary. I want YOUR advice, experiences, brutally honest opinions, and whatever else you want to give.

SO, listed are my posts (most recent to most ancient). also, the posts i really want comments on are in bold. for ongoing discussions, check out the poll page

2014 9/2:will my streak continue and no doesn’t mean yes

2013 10/2:life as i know it–2 years later

2011 1/24:ramblings on a recent life change1/25: the Match.com files part 11/26:respect the word!2/6:singledom2/7:the road of lost innocence—2/9:in response to a comment—2/9:mp’s response–you are talking out of your ass

2010 10/3:hey, we’re not the plague10/3:how NOT to get past your ex…—10/7:girls and low self-esteem10/8:things i love—10/15:genital herpes=huge threat10/18:in the present

2008 1/14:i love this city—2/7:sex—9/10:to my very best friend,—10/26:meet the duggars

2007 1/3:so wrong, but i can’t stop—1/4:who’s talking about you?—1/7:why we (or i?) love reality tv—1/8:the TERRIBLY, horribly twisted girl that i am—1/9:aftershocks—1/10:nicely anticlimactic—1/12:a whore in another life—1/13:i’ve got mail—1/16:insomnia’s a bitch—1/19:random hate—1/20:try, try again?—2/15:the children we are—2/17:disconnected—2/17:fuzzy future—2/18:susie homemaker—3/12:contrasts—3/21:racquet fever—4/11:split personality—4/22:letter to my roommate—8/25:one week into law school and…

2006 7/31:Grand Opening post—8/1:men are shameless—8/7:i’m meeeeeeeelting—8/7:the petsmart fiasco—8/11:100 things to do before i die—8/12:this isn’t music, this is porn SET to music…—8/13:the ugly drunk—8/13:movies ruin us for life and love—8/14:surfed other blogs, this one is a MUST read—8/17:the Good Cookie—8/17:my biggest pet peeve? my brother—8/18:obsession—8/23:issues?—8/25:my friends are useless—8/27:chasers and the chased9/1:i’m pissed off, i’m on my period, and yes you’re getting gross details9/9:please evaluate my stupidity9/11:Heath’s reply9/13:positive thinking is not banned!—9/21:cuddilicious—12/28:i’m back with a vengeance!



  1. Good looking design …. People have the idea these things have to be ” Deep ” …..I posted on Grill Cheese sandwiches yesterday.

  2. thanks. too much “deepness” is annoying after a while anyways. i did hit the deep dark depths of DEEP on one of my recent posts though. it’s a real winner.

  3. Rather interesting place you’ve got here. Thank you for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

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  4. No writing recently. What’s the deal with that?

    • haha, i have problems with longevity. i do things in spurts, but am unable to keep them up when life gets busy. probably why my current diet is failing miserably…anyway, working on a new post just because having an actual reader is great motivation. thanks for reading.

  5. hey its been a long time – when are we going to get another update?

    • this week, i promise. my new job is swamping me, it’s absolutely crazy. five of the cases that could go to trial tomorrow are mine. being a grown-up earning a living is tiring!

      • OK i’ll hold you to that!

        • half-way done with my chronicle of my first month at work. think i’m going to have to finish it tomorrow. this girl is ready for bed and it’s not even 9pm. morphing into a grandma. three weeks without a weekend off, what on earth did i get myself into…

          • yeah i know the feeling. get rest, and i’ll look forward to an update (whenever you get to it!).

            • you still alive? hang in there!

  6. I relocated my blog for professional reasons, so it took me a while to get back here. No new updates though? I’m a little sad, not going to lie.

  7. no update yet? hope everything is going OK…

  8. long time reader. hope everything is going well. no update in quite a while.

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